The Digital Finance Africa 2021 virtual summit is the definitive annual event on technology leadership in the financial services industry.

Set to be held on 31 August 2021, the summit will see leaders in the industry ask and answer the hard questions ignored in other conferences, and identify the skills and mind-sets required to navigate a successful transformation in an age where finance is becoming more and more digitalised as you read this.
Driven by the worldwide pandemic, new customer habits have also developed, and old behaviours are quickly being abandoned. The changes are evident, customers who were once fond of in-person banking have now come to appreciate the ease and accessibility of branchless banking, as well as the advent of new digital payment solutions.

During this unceasing transformation and progress, the one certainty for financial services firms is
that embracing technology and innovation is now more than a mere value-added benefit – it has
become essential, not only for their survival, but also for their continued future growth.
In order to remain competitive, fundamental changes and important strategic choices in the digital
transformation of financial firms must take place – Don’t get left behind, join IT News Africa for the
DFA 2021 virtual congress on 31 August and make sure your organisation is prepared for the future.

This year, speakers, sponsors and invited industry experts will discuss a series of topics pivotal for the successful digital transformation of your organisation, including:
  • Digital Transformation in the Financial Services Industry.
  • New strategies to embrace digital transformation efficiently and successfully.
  • The Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the finances industry.
  • The Harnessing of New Technologies for financial services such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Computing.
  • The leveraging of these technologies in ensuring an improved competitive edge by providing better service to customers, improving efficiency and increasing profitability.


  • Dietmar Bohmer – Chief Analytics Officer At Tyme Bank
  • Vishal Maharaj – Executive: Digital At Nedbank
  • Jaco Fourie – Gm Africa At Mambu
  • Aleks Svetski – Founder & Ceo @ Amber
  • Eugene Chaduka – Group Chief Technology Officer At Ecocash And Cassava
  • Clifford Mutibvu – Head Digital Banking , Nedbank Zimbabwe
  • Marius Botha – Group Ceo Of Ayo Holdings
  • Nicolas Bry – Innovation Booster Orange Africa
  • Thomas Mckinnon – Head Of Product At Lulalend
  • Trevor Gosling – Ceo , Lulalend