About us

Established on the 2nd of January 2003, the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals is dedicated to developing and managing the IT profession, ensuring that competency, recognition, and professionalism is effectively promoted in the IT sector of South Africa. ICITP® focuses on the advancement of knowledge and practice of the IT profession through developing, supporting, regulating, and promoting professional standards for technical, entrepreneurial, and ethical competence in the Media, Information, and Communication Technology.​


To ensure the advancement of the NQF by promoting public interest and trust in the Information Technology Profession by encouraging ongoing professional development; developing and maintaining the standards for the practice of Information Technology and by facilitating access to its designations in recognition of deserving Information Technology practitioners in South Africa.​


To develop, manage and empower the IT Profession in South Africa.


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

CEO Statement

The institute of Chartered IT professionals is the prestigious and unique information technology professional body in South Africa that Promotes practical experience combined with theoretical knowledge and lifelong learning.

Relevant to the needs of the IT industry all over the world, our certified and chartered practitioners have greater influence with their employers. ICITP raises IT professionals with critical skills and business skills all over the world.

We offer a clear professional development route for our members.

Seun Adegelu
Chief Executive Officer, ICITP SA


  1. . We serve our members.
  2. We lead by example
  3. We work as a team
  4. We respect the individual
  5. We strive for quality in all that we do
  6. Above all, we act with integrity.


  1. Highlight and promote the importance of the Media, Information and Communication Technology in South Africa and internationally
  2. develop and maintain professionalism, thus ensuring high quality professional services by IT professionals for the benefit of the public;
  3. support accredited training providers in aligning their curriculum with critical and scarce industry skills as well as professional standards including industry critical and scare skills
  4. work closely with professional associations, including recognized professional bodies within the IT sector, to maintain high standards in the industry
  5. Cooperate with the relevant institutions such as SAQA, Quality Councils, the SETAs, and other institution for the benefit of the greater IT sector
  6. Assist IT graduates with Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and practical competency to ensure workplace readiness
  7. Develop, support, supervise and promote professional standards for technical and ethical competence in the Media, Information and Communication Technology sector.