Digital Competency

ICITPĀ® recognizes your skills acquired through other short skills programmes or OEM & Vendor certifications. ICITP will capture & combine all your verifiable competencies with the ITCP(SA) designation that is locally recognized & registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF)

About CCEU (SA)

The CCEU (SA) | Certified Computer End-User, South Africa also known as Professional Computer User License (SA) is an independent ICITP professional certification, a validation of an individualā€™s competency in computer practices.

This may be awarded through any form of assessment administered by ICITP or through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) by assessing an individualā€™s application submission for prior experience, formal, informal or non-formal acquisition of a skill. The CCEU (SA) Certification is administered and awarded by the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals, South Africa.

Certified Computer End-User for practical End-User training

This refers to attending a practical skills training for computer literacy. This training can be from basic to intermediate to advanced level of generic software & applications used by end-users. A candidate may seek training from an ICITP accredited training provider. Contact ICITP for assistance with establishing a suitable End User training for you or your organisation.

End-User Training

(basic-intermediate-advanced level) End User Training involves the following but is not restricted to these.

  • Introduction to Computers
  • Introduction to Hardware & Software
  • Computer Usage
  • Operating Systems
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Access
  • The Internet, Networks & Web Browsing
  • Computer Security
  • Viruses, Malware and Good Computer Health Practices

Upon completion of End-User Training candidates must submit a transcript of their result and completion to ICITP

CCEU (SA) Benefits

of a professional designation & membership

What can you gain by joining a professional body?Ā Here are some of the potential benefits that membership can offer.

Digital Competency Certification

Technologies in the workplace are ever evolving. Show recruiters and/or your current employer that you possess the digital skills to perform your day to day tasks, that you are up to date with changes in technology, that you are under a code of conduct and that you are committed to continuous learning.

Information & Advice

ICITPĀ® offers access to industry news, surveys, reports, updates, news letters, career information, jobs, and details of events.

Career Development

ICITPĀ® offers career development programmes, training courses, Masterclasses and assessments. CPD credentials can be used for maintaining membership, personal & career development, and may be used for workplace advancement & key performance indicators for performance appraisal with your current employment.

Professional Recognition

ICITPĀ® has an assessment process that applicants must pass before they are granted membership. This means that, once you have demonstrated that you have the requisite experience, qualifications and skills, you may join the institution and add the appropriate letters to your CV and business card. Membership shows that you have reached a certain level of expertise in your profession, and adds to your credibility.Ā 


Holders of the CCEU(SA) certification also hold the Affiliate Membership status

Independent Verification

This means you have been independently verified by ICITPĀ® as competent practitioner of the Industry, who is committed to personal, career and professional development. This independent verification is accompanied by a #Practise Number, which can be used to confirm membership and build trust with the public and various stakeholders.

Members Newsletter

Receiving valuable updates, news, events, research/survey reports, forum discussions about the ICT sector in South Africa & Internationally.