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For admission into IT Certified Professional (SA) program in South Africa (Post graduate program) for computer science graduates /OND/HND/ or any other computer related graduates. Candidates from other field are Welcome

About Information Technology Passport Exam | ITPE

The Information Technology Passport Exam, more commonly known as the ITPE, is an international prerequisite exam for admission into The Institute of Chartered IT Professional’s professional studies in South Africa. This examination is used to measure important skills required by international students to gain admission into ICITP professional certification studies (

Institutions accredited by the Institute of Chartered IT Professionals, South Africa, use ITPE test scores to compare applicants and make admissions decisions. Because the ITPE is an international test with objective assessment criteria, it tends to predict academic success better than grade point average, which can vary based on a school’s policies and professional curriculum.

All ICITP accredited schools in South Africa require or accept ITPE scores from applicants, so preparing for the test is important. The right preparation strategy can raise a student’s score enough to make a difference between being accepted to a program and being rejected or waitlisted. 

The ITPE has four sections MULTIPLE-CHOICE questions and lasts a total of Two hours. Test takers have 30 minutes each allocated to each four types of questions: Computer Programming, Networking, Technical Support and Database.

Every official ITPE exam has experimental questions mixed in with the actual test questions, but there is no way to know which items are being tested. This is why it is so important for students to do their best on every question. A student’s ITPE score is based on the number of questions completed, the difficulty level of each question, and whether the given answers were correct or incorrect. 


Preparing for the ITPE

The ITPE measures skills developed over time in Information Technology, so cramming for the test is not likely to increase a student’s score. However, taking practice tests and reviewing exam prep guides will help students learn strategies for answering difficult questions. There is a significant penalty for failing to complete any section of the ITPE, so it is also important to develop pacing skills. Taking several practice tests will help students learn how to pace themselves as they complete each section of the exam.

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