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Independent assurance

ICITP accredited degrees have been reviewed by representatives from academia and industry to ensure they meet the standards set by the profession.

Participate – as an employer you can:

  • help shape degree and diploma pro grammes by working with Higher Education Institutions in providing placements, judging projects or delivering guest lectures.
  •  help ICITP achieve its IT industry objective of making sure that graduates are industry ready through the management of practical and work experience component of the NQF by becoming an accredited WIL LAB™ Centre .
  • Have a voice in ICITP accreditation decisions by joining our team of academic accreditation assessors.

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Graduates from ICITP accredited degrees will:

  •  be eligible for membership of ICITP
  •  be on the way to ITCP (SA) or CITP(SA) status having met the academic, practical experience WIL LAB, work experience and board exam requirements for ITCP (SA) or CITP(SA) statuses.
  •  have an appreciation of legal, social, ethical and professional issues in relation to Information Technology
  • have an appreciation of the IT industry and be able to contribute to your business with the potential to develop into rounded IT professionals over time.

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Establishing the profession

ICITP accreditation ensures there is: - A steady flow of qualified and competent IT Professionals entering the industry with the right skills to enhance the status of the profession - the use of a practice number by Certified or Chartered IT Professionals in the Industry


ICITP accreditation ensures that the profession has strong links with Higher Institutions and can provide advice and guidance on the design of Information Technology qualifications.

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ICITP accreditation provides the opportunity for the profession to demonstrate to students the importance of professionalism, the value of membership and what it means to be certified or chartered.