Most graduates are faced with the problem of deciding on what to specialise on, while others are not aware of the specialisations available in IT, this causes a problem of graduates making the wrong choices.  The ITCAT ™ solves this problem by providing individuals with relevant information to help them focus on the right specialisation.

What is WIL LAB ™

The WIL LAB ™ Programme is a product and a registered trademark of The Institute of Chartered IT Professionals ® (ICITP) whose aim is providing the necessary resources and practical experience to create work-ready graduates, who meet the general standards of the industry. The program has been designed in such a way that candidates choose their area of specialization in Information Technology. The following are the areas of specialization available for students: IT Technical Support, Networking, Web Development, Software Development.

The WIL LAB ™ Programme is project based and workplace learning. What distinguishes WIL LAB ™  is the emphasis on the integrative aspects of such learning. WIL LAB ™  could thus be described as an educational approach that aligns  and workplace practices for the mutual benefit of students and workplaces.

What WIL LAB ™ is not

It is not a money-making opportunity for students. It is not an opportunity for employers to have cheap labor

Aims of WIL LAB ™

To expose students to the real world of IT practical and the workplace while still studying To assist IT students, gain specialized IT work experience in a professional work environment To help students develop a range of valuable specialized skills To make the transition from student to employee easier

Benefits of ICITP Student Memberbrship

  • An extensive range of work integrated learning and educational resources
  • Access to WIL LAB ™ programs.
  • Substantial discounts on products and services from our partner organizations
  • Association with the highest ranked professional body in Information Technology
  • Advances your Information Technology profession
  • Show that you have done an IPD (Initial professional development)
  • Differentiates you from a normal Information Technology Student
  • Shows you are committed to your Information Technology profession
  • Being a member is part of your credentials

Other Benefits

    • Provide employable students
    • Meet industry needs
    • Strengthen links with industry
    • Increase enrolment in IT qualifications

    To gain the most benefit students should:

    • Be aware that academic prowess alone is insufficient for a successful career in Information Technology. You need to be practically competent.
    • Accept your role as a participant in a learning process and take responsibility for your learning whilst undertaking WIL LAB ™ 
    • Make an active contribution to the organization providing WIL
    • Aim to develop a portfolio of work experiences and
    • Be pro-active in arrangements to ensure the quality of the work experience.

Benefits of WIL LAB ™ to students

  • They acquire skills that will render them more employable.  
  • They will be able to complete their studies.  
  • They will be able to bridge the gap between studying and working by putting into practice what they have learned at College  
  • Becoming a specialist in your chosen area of specialization in Information Technology  
  • Secure fast employment  
  • Working in a LAB setting in which to put theory into practice  
  • Developing an awareness of workplace culture and expectations  
  • Developing ‘soft’ skills such as communication, team working, email and report-writing skills, punctuality and attendance, leadership and career development;  
  • Having an opportunity to develop a practical appreciation of your chosen profession  
  • Developing practical skills to reflect upon in future studies;  
  • Developing an appreciation of the fluidity of a rapidly changing world of work;  
  • Short-term financial benefits – some students are able to earn whilst studying through skills acquired in the WIL LAB ™ Academic.  
  • Developing enhanced employment prospects and the potential of commanding higher wages on graduation  
  • Obtaining practical assistance in developing career strategies and  • Developing an awareness of business opportunities and building up a network of contacts.