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leading in a digital economy IT School, 676 Gallagher Ave, Halfway House, Midrand 1685, Johannesburg | South Africa R950.00 R7500 1st of May, 2018 31st of August,2018

This programme aims to develop senior leaders who are required to use technology as a catalyst to access future business opportunities and significantly enhance the digital strategy of their organizations.
To ensure that organizations are equipped to navigate the Fourth Industrial Revolution, senior managers need to be well versed in digital trends and disruptive technologies that are shifting and shaping the way organizations craft strategy and compete both locally and globally.
Participants will leave the programme with a globalized outlook that will enable them to successfully lead their organization’s digital strategy.

Who should attend?
  • Senior managers who are required to understand the impact that technology will have on strategy and future business models;
  • Individuals involved in the strategy function of an organization;
  • Individuals involved in the technology and/or information function of the organization;
  • Individuals, whose companies/business units, are impacted by digital technology or disruption;
  • Individuals in the market function of an organization, who are impacted by digital shifts; and
  • Leaders in organizations that want to build a digital strategy or respond to competitors that have embedded a digital strategy.
Qualifying for admission:
  • Admission is selective and is based on your current role, professional achievements and ability to contribute to group discussion and activities.
  • No formal educational qualifications are required; however, evidence of your potential should be provided in your letter of motivation from your organization.
  • The admissions committee reserves the right to accept only those applicants who are likely to benefit from the programme and an interview may be necessary as part of the selection process.
How your organisation will benefit:

After attending this programme, delegates will gain a broader understanding of the impact of new technology within competitive landscapes and provide them with an opportunity to apply learnings back at work by designing and implementing a strategy to support their organization’s technology growth.


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