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Benefits for universities & colleges


Independent recognition

ICITP accreditation provides confirmation that your institution provides high quality Information Technology education programmes in South Africa.


Achieving ICITP accreditation demonstrates your institution’s commitment to developing future IT professionals that have the potential to achieve “Certified Professional” or “Chartered Professional” status in South Africa.


ICITP accreditation can be used to attract potential students to your institution.

Internal recognition

ICITP accreditation can help to demonstrate to the senior management within your institution that your department is committed to providing high quality Information Technology education.



Accreditation from ICITP enables you to compare your programmes against those offered by other institutions both nationally and internationally.


Employers often seek to employ graduates from accredited institution. ICITP® accreditation and qualifications can help your graduates’ stand out from the crowd.


Our accreditation process supports the continual improvement of your programmes and highlights areas of best practice among institutions.

ICITP Educational Partner:

  • as an accredited degree provider you will also receive:
  • Use of the ICITP Educational Partner and CITP Accredited Degree logos for your prospectus and website
  • Listing in our online database of accredited institutions.
  • An opportunity to engage with a range of our member groups