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As a recognized professional body by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), we have a responsibility to develop and maintain standards in Information Technology sector, making sure that qualifications delivered by institutions provide a competency based foundation for those who wish to follow a career in Information Technology in South Africa.

To support this aim we accredit IT institutional programmes or qualifications in South Africa in order to meet our requirement for professional registration of graduates. Therefore, we accredit Information Technology degree programmes offered by Universities and Diploma programmes offered by Public and Private FET Colleges.

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The ICITP® accreditation of degrees is an important benchmark of the standard of Higher Education programmes and their contribution to the IT Profession in South Africa. Our accreditation provides an indicator of quality learning to students and employers and provides independent recognition for the institutions that offer them. ICITP® accredited degree and diploma programmes can therefore be an accelerated route to Information Technology Certified Professional {ITCP (SA)} qualification by satisfying the underpinning knowledge and practical experience requirement. The ICITP® accreditation of degree and diploma programmes is for private, public FET Colleges and Universities that offers qualifications in Information Technology or any other IT related qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in South Africa.

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Accreditation for Corporate
ICITP accredited degrees have been reviewed by representatives from academia and industry to ensure they meet the standards set by the profession.

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Accreditation for Institutions
ICITP accreditation provides confirmation that your institution provides high quality Information Technology education programmes in South Africa.

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